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No work task coming in this week when last week we got LOTS of works. When I say LOTS it means A LOT of works.
So, I kinda re-read my own journal post by post. The open post and private post to myself.
Re-read the immature me in the past struggling and confessing on things. Things that the past me experiencing that time. The feeling coming back to me. Joy and sadness was parts of the past me.
One of the private post was a letter to the future me. To the me now. It's kinda feeling nostalgic. It was written in 2009 or 2010, about 5 years before. Later I'll reply to your letter, k. I will answer your question and your uncertainties. Tho some of your Qs might still havent have the As.
This journal age almost 8 years. Even i rarely write in it, it still recording parts of my life. My life journey and immaturity.
I really bad with words. So when i write, it will be all about my truest feel at that exact time.
Till next time.
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25 December 2014 @ 05:16 pm
1. My 2014 start with work stress and pressure from my boss. Even considered to quit the job, but then things getting slower and slower. Time do heals.

2. Then, tragedies on Malaysian flight MH370 and MH17. Its the saddest tragedies for us. May their soul rest with peace.

3. Work. work. work. 2014 seem shorter than any other year.

4. My brother accident. We learnt alot from this that life insurance are important. I applied one immediately.

5. Getting involve in facebook and Instagram really do teach me in getting to know more about my friend. Some do annoyed me, but we are just human. Just... well... human.

5. It's raining season here. Floods at the east site and spreading to the north. Be strong Pantai Timur!

6. Having birthday at the start of the year makes me feel older with the coming year.

7. Lets just hope this coming year will be nicer to us.

8. Welcome 2015!

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04 October 2014 @ 03:33 pm
ya, memang aku sedih. aku malu. aku sedih dan malu dengan bangsa aku sendiri. bangsa aku kurang membaca, malas membaca. tapi rajin mengata, sembang kencang. tapi isinya hanya spekulasi yang dia buat sendiri. entah dari mana rujukannya. aku sedih.
aku mengaku aku pun tak rajin membaca. tapi aku tahu apa yang aku boleh luahkan atau tidak. kalau aku tak faham aku tanya, aku baca, aku cari sampai faham betul-betul. aku tak suka apabila aku membuat kenyataan tentang sesuatu yang aku tak pasti hari ini, akan dikenang sampai tua dan kebodohan aku akan jelas kelihatan. aku tak suka. biar orang kata aku lowprofile, tak ikut perkembangan semasa, tak ambil tahu hal dunia. tapi kau tahu kah aku tahu ke tidak. hanya kerana aku tak sembang kencang pasal hal dunia, hal politik, tak bermaksud aku xambil tahu. cuma aku tak suka buat spekulasi macam yang kau buat. biar la aku dengan cara aku. kau, kalau boleh kurangkan lah. bukan aku halang. aku tak nak kau nampak kurang bijak, melayu nampak bodoh disebabkan ada golongan macam kau.

aku tak tujukan pada sesiapa. tapi aku tujukan pada melayu secara khususnya. sebab aku sayang bangsa aku, aku bangga jadi orang melayu, aku bangga aku anak Malaysia.

aku gembira dan aku suka kalau melayu berkata-kata dengan fakta. dengan rujukan dan bukti. kalau tak ada bukti baik diam, simpan dalam hati. satu hari nanti bila kau tahu hkikat sebenar, kau akan bersyukur bila kau tak terlepas cakap.

itu saja.

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11 September 2014 @ 12:26 am
Let's start whinning.
Office lack of staff. Me working my ass off. Do work out of scope (never mind that).

At 8am, he ask about procurement status. OK fine. Gimme time to follow up. (Me getting ready to work)
At8.30am, he ask about licensing status. OK fine. Gimme a moment to call them.
Next, about supplier invoice.
Next, his rumbling about other staff.
Next, about company cars...
Next, come, let's do some discussion( where most of it gossiping)

Then, sue. I everything is urgent tau. Make it your priority.

Ha?! Excuse me. Stop whatsapping and calling every 10 minutes for status

5pm, 'sue change of strategy, need the material urgently tomorrow.' Wth... Then he keep calling every 5 minute for update. He, my boss. The BOSS.

10pm. Calling... 'Boss'.
Em, OK...
Talking on phone for about 3 minute to summ up today activities at office.

And then, a whatsapp coming in.
'Sue, as spoken. Everything is urgent. Priorities pls.'

Then tomorrow comes. Same things all over again. And again. And again.

Bonus please....
23 September 2011 @ 09:55 am

akhirnya, sampai jgk tahun akhir. mahu tak nye, nk extent lagi? xsedo2 diri tu dah tua?

yesterday was the day i presented it to the internal panel (after
almost 1 year i didn't did that!) then... the proposal was approved and
green light to proceed!

Alhamdulillah~ time to work double-triple hard! or might as well i proceed the thesis with the intention to continue master?

should i?
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04 January 2011 @ 10:21 pm


With teary eyes, dripping nose and empty stomach, I spent tonight. My birthday eve. basically, alone in my room. What I ultimately sure that my roommate doesn’t know my birthday. Was she? I don’t really mind actually, because I don’t know hers as well.

It’s been 4 days I’m down with this flu. Its really quit rare for me to fall sick. So, I really grateful for this. This show I’m still a mere humble human.

So, since tomorrow was the day I was born into this world 24 years ago, at 1030am, I’m really is grateful for who I’m.

Until today. Whoever come across into my life for this 24 years of my life,  I really thank you for everything. every little things. Thank you very much!

That is what destiny is all about. And whoever will across the same path as me in the future as well, I wish for a blissful encounter.

Please continue to support me this year as well.

Birthday cake

small cake for me.

Thank you Allah,

thank you Mom,

thank you my family,


thank you friends.

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30 December 2010 @ 04:24 am




remember this?


now its…



04 November 2010 @ 10:46 pm

1. The next paper which is the last subject's paper is on 11 November. 1 week from now. Before this the advance tech paper guide us to become an engineer, then, the next paper teach us to become a developer, then a lawyer. this last paper, Cost Estimate, is how to become a Quantity Surveyor. Before they said, architect is about every profession from A to Z, now only i feel the effect.

2. I still hate monkeys and cockroach even now. You can say i scared of them, i don't mind. Please, just don't be around me. My heart can't take it.

3. Next semester, i will only do Highrise design. For that, i need new PC!!! just give me one with the latest graphic card and the highest RAM possible!!! i don't want to repeat another semester!!!!

4. This laptop: please behave!!!

5. More assignment to go!!! Gambatte!

6. Ohno birthday will be on 26th Nov. He will be 30 years old Oldman. ah, i don't mind!

7. I want to go to Japan!!!! should i do my thesis about Application of Japanese Architecture in Malaysia and got some monetary support to go there for research?

8. Still considering of becoming an architect. Lately, thinking about working for Local government to help solve current Building Industry problem. Designing building, leave it to those with natural talent.

9. I'm bored.

10. I want to do part time job. JUST GIMME ONE!!!!

That is all for now.
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21 October 2010 @ 08:58 am

Yatta~ i'm so gonna watch this..
Its in April 2011..

But, I'm still waiting for Ohoku...

check-out GSC website for more detail here.
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16 March 2010 @ 06:59 pm
Yup.. it's design competition held by eVolo , the architecture magazine and the winner for it was announced on 8 March 2010..
and to my surprised, the winner was my senior!!! 3 of my seniors send their design and won it for the 1st price!! not to say that i haven't heard they talk about it before just i don't even think they submit it for international competition!!.

and there goes the winner for the competition:
1st :       Malaysia
2nd:       Indonesia
3rd:        United States

didididididi XDCollapse )
more info:
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